Outsourcing This Manufacturing Process Can Help Your Electronics Business

It often does not make sense to invest in expensive production equipment in the event that you just wish to spin some prototypes and rather outsource your PCB assembly from an electronics company and prototype manufacturing to a reliable vendor.  I’ll give some hints as to what things to look out for when looking for a contract manufacturer.

Lots of contract manufacturers will offer an instant quote mechanism on their website for the production of circuit boards and assembly of prototypes.  This will save time when comparing different sellers.  Make sure that the quote system lets you input all the details, like plank material, thickness, aluminum depth, milling, etc. so you can get an accurate quote with no surprises later on.

After the PCB by August Electronics is finished, the electric components should be connected to ensure that a usable PCB assembly is formed.  There are two construction processes that may be used to produce the PCB assembly.  One might be the structure in which the component leads are inserted in the holes while another one is the structure wherein the elements are located on pads located on the external surfaces of the PCB.  The two kinds of the structure have component leads which are fixed mechanically in addition to electrically to the board.

Additionally, t_ are soldering methods to be utilized so as to join the PCB components so that PCB assembly could be potential.  The production that is of high volume has to be accomplished through machine placement and bulk wave kind of soldering.  But, specialist technicians have the ability to solder parts that are quite minute under a microscope by the hand.  This is done with a fine tip that’s designed for volume prototypes.  T_ are components that are not possible to solder together with the hands like the ball grid array.

PCBs that would make up the PCB assembly includes a conformal coating that’s applied by means of dipping or spraying after the components are done soldering.  This jacket will prevent the leaking of present or potential shorting because of condensation and corrosion.  PCB assembly is static sensitive, thereby; it needs to be placed inside antistatic luggage while it is being transported.  Improper techniques in tackling, as a result, may harm the elements and can transmit a cost through the board.

How PCB Assembly Is Done 

A PCB or a printed circuit board is a device that is used to connect electronic components in electric equipment and machines.  It uses conductive pathways etched from copper sheets that are laminated on a non-conductive substrate.

Manufacturing PCBs costs more than creating simple wire-wrapped or point-to-point circuits except for large scale fabrication prices are rapidly recouped as PCBs become the most cost-effective components to utilize.  You’ll locate PCBs in a lot of the electrical equipment you’ve got at homes like computers, games consoles, iPods, TVs and so many more.  There are a number of methods of PCB assembly utilized to make these essentials pieces. 

Surface Mount Assembly

This technique emerged in the 60s, increased in popularity in the 80s and became widely used in the 90s.  Components have it’s also common to have parts on both sides.

Conventional PTH Assembly

PTH or plated through-hole technology is a method of PCB assembly that involves elements that have leads connected to them, which are inserted through drilled holes in a circuit board.  PCBs may be expensive because of the quantity of drilling required although this technique leads to bonds on the plank.

Box-Build, Electro-Mechanical Assembly

This can involve the use of custom metalwork, cable assembly, wire harnesses, and looms, and molded plastics to make PCBs.

You might not realize it but PCBs are in the majority of the electrical items that you own and without the above assembly methods your X-Box or laptop would be in serious trouble.

When Outsourcing Your Assembly Is More Efficient

Normally, the cost per plank will decrease as the quantity increases.  This is because of the fairly large installation cost of circuit board manufacturing and component assembly.  A system will be used by some vendors w_ they combine boards.  This way the installation cost will be distributed amongst several clients.  When you produce a product, you don’t want to have to make a large number of boards immediately while you refine your design.

One restriction with small-quantity prototypes, however, is that the selection of materials and material thicknesses will be restricted.  Chances are t_ won’t be some customers using the same material if you’re using a material.  In addition, the direct time plays a role in determining the price.  In slotting your production, A lead-time permits the manufacturer more freedom.  This is reflected.  Evidently, if you would like to be moved to the top of the heap and are in a hurry you’ll need to invest more money.

Be certain that your contract manufacturer may support the file format for fabrication that you supply.  The format for PCB manufacture is your Gerber format but some sellers will accept board files from PCB computer software products that are common.  Some suppliers also offer you an in-house PCB design.  If you design your board yourself, picking a vendor with design services can prove useful in case t_ is an issue with your files.  In cases like this, your seller can make rapid changes that will avoid costly delays.

When subcontracting the PCB assembly, ensure your vendor can build all of the package types that your board uses.  Some sellers can’t assemble particular kinds of IC packages such as BGA, chip-scale bundles or part types that are very small.  If in doubt be sure to contact your seller in advance.

Some contract manufacturers will take an inventory of standard SMT and through-hole components.  You will save yourself time if you’re able to pull out of the inventory of your vendor instead of purchasing each component yourself.  Be certain to specify which parts you want to consign yourself once you upload your bill of materials. Click here to learn more about SMT.

Most sellers will also supply the manufacture of this SMT stencil that’s needed for PCB assembly.  Make sure you order the stencil right away when ordering the circuit boards to prevent delays.

To ensure your circuit boards will probably operate, be sure your seller is quality certified and offers the evaluations and board inspection methods that are required.  Please note, however, that specific tests, such as ICT testing requires cost and extra time to prepare test fixtures that are proper.