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What To Do when You Have Cat Emergencies

Emergency treatment is required for injuries within the house.  Do not assume that a cat or kitty will automatically know its physical limitations or be able to inform.  It might well be able to drop out of any angle and recover its footing but just within certain heights.  A kitty is equally as likely to sustain considerable harm.  Cats can be vulnerable to mishaps as children, and you ought to keep a continuous eye.

It’s valuable to understand what on the spot treatment you may give before the cat receives veterinary care.  In extreme situations, this may make the difference between life and death.  A cat that’s in or extremely frightened pain scratch, and can withdraw and bite if handled.  If this occurs, talk calmly and maintain the cat as comfortable and restricted as possible until professional help is available.  As with any crisis, the first rule is not to panic and the second is to rely on your common sense. (more…)

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